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How do I get my free ebook copy?

Just visit Search for my book title - I Didn't See This Coming From My Family. Click on free giveaway and follow the prompts

What made you want to write a novel?

It was from a array of circumstances that led me to pursue a Writing career. I wanted to read something different for a change. I wanted to read a book that didn't leave me hanging and imagining how it should have ended.  I've read so many books that didn't have a middle but several connectors that I felt didn't fit into the story.  I've always been an advocate reader in many different genres from Romance to Horror. So after years of experimenting in Writing I decided to write my first novel.  I wanted to put something out there that was a page turner, full of twists and turns but exhilarating with a message throughout. However, it took a while but I finally focused and mediated on this wild journey in Writing and what a extraordinary journey this has been. 

What's the difference between a Publishing House vs. Press publishing?

There sure is a difference. I learned from trial and error about Publishing.  The difference is a Press Company meaning you pay out of your pocket for their services. Majority of these Press Publishing company don't state that they are Press because they want money, money, and more of your money.  Press companies have a mass array of package deals that are awesome but the catch is: outrageous prices with no significant  guaranteed you'll get what you've paid for. 

Then there's a Publication house where you try to hire a Literary Agent, a Manager or a Attorney in your genre. Seeking one of these three Professions isn't easy.  An Agent requires a Query letter in precise details detailing certain descriptions of your book and your writing styles. You are selling yourself to them in order to get represented by one of them. If your book gets the green light then the Agent, Manager or Attorney will do the leg work for you by representing you and your book. So the difference is a Publication House pays you for your book and a Press Company you pay out of your pocket for their services. 

How do you do a book signing?

Books from Press Publishing leave it up to the Authors. As a Author you will be responsible for finding the venue, and making proper arrangements for the book signing to take place. If the book store or venue chosen does not sell your book for any reason then you are solely responsible for purchasing your own books to sell. One major rejection that will prevent you from implementing a book signing is if your book is Print-On-Demand.   

How did you come up with the characters?

Funny though, I originally starting writing a Christian book but changed my mind within the first two pages. I sit and thought to myself maybe down the line I'll write this kind of genre but not right now. Ironically, the characters just popped into my head two characters at  time. I wanted to write something that I hadn't read before. I wanted the main character to be sassy, intelligent but a pain in the ass and that's how Sofay White was basically created. 


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